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Company Profile

VIBRANT EMS is a group of talented professionals involved in diversified engineering fields across the Middle East. Vibrant Electromechanical Services L.L.C has been providing professional expertise in the fields of construction, design, supply, and the installation and maintenance of a wide range of civil and electromechanical equipment, spare parts, and materials. The company has been grown with a view of developing and exploiting engineering ideas in a variety of fields such as Machine Condition Monitoring Vibration Analysis, Laser Alignment, Dynamic Balancing, Thermography, Noise level measurements, monitoring, prediction and mapping, ferrography, NDT Fuel Flow metering, fuel storage facilities, fuel loading depots, fuel dispensing, environmental, meteorological, and occupational HSE instrumentation, tank level gauging, loading arms, laboratory systems, PPE, Industrial safety etc.

Vibrant Electromechanical Services L.L.C is involved in supplying specialized equipment and systems to Industrial, Marine, Environmental, Aviation, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Power and Water industries. Our engineering team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals with more than 20 years’ experience in all aspects of machinery design, operation, maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting of machinery and petrochemical plants. Consulting Services are available for the following disciplines: Vibration and condition monitoring, Field testing and trials, analysis & reporting, Implementation of Predictive & preventive Maintenance programs based on RCM study. We undertake overhauling of rotating equipment like centrifugal compressors Pumps, diesel engines, motors, Gas turbines, turbo expanders etc.

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Our Mission & Vision

To offer a wide range of the most technologically advanced, superior quality and energy efficient products and services at affordable pricing and timely services to suit the needs of our customers. Vibrant also aims to protect the environment, eradicate unemployment and create shared value for its stakeholders.

To be a world leader in Predictive Maintenance, Automation, And Electrical Services, Manufacturing and trading of technologically advanced industrial products with a commitment to the protection of the environment.

Director's Message

Dear Visitor,
We, the Vibrant Electromechanical Services L.L.C, welcome you to go through the web pages. We enjoy the opportunity to serve various industries and the communities in all the countries we operate in. Our business strategy and work culture are primarily focused on customer relations, employee satisfaction, professional approach, and efficient management. We have been proactive with our clients and sensitive to the latest developments in various industrial segments. We have ambitious plans to expand our activities far beyond the scope of our present business and always welcome new partnerships, new technologies, new business opportunities and joint ventures.

Our establishment realizes and recognizes our responsibility towards the environment and hence work consistently towards sustainable development, creating shared value and performing our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). Our Reliability Division creates shared value by performing precision laser alignment of Industrial machinery thereby saving an approximate 10% of energy costs and preventing failures of bearings and seals, hence extending their lifespan. Vibration Analysis and Infra-red thermography help in predicting the impending failures of machines and electrical equipment, thus saving maintenance cost and preventing accidents and failures.

Our Marine and Industrial Automation Division takes the scraped equipment from shipbreaking yards, refurbish, and sell them to customers with a full guarantee, and thus ensures that our customers save time and cost, while we fulfil our environmental responsibilities by reducing the energy consumption, and supporting responsible production and consumption. Through this, we make certain that a win-win situation is created for the stakeholders, create shared value and also contribute to circular economy.

In addition, our company is certified as per ISO 14001:2015 guidelines which define the procedures for reducing waste, waste disposal and so on. Considering that there exists a link between climate change, energy security and economic stability, proper awareness training is conducted in our organization about each of the planetary boundaries and SDGs. Furthermore, toolroom talks are conducted on the daily and a few minutes are kept apart each day for reflecting on our role in maintaining our environment sensibly. Reinforcing these ideas periodically ensures that all our team members remain responsible citizens who are committed to keeping our environment safe and secure.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated team, customers, principals, and the governments for their consistent support. We offer an uncomplicated and dynamic work environment in a young, fully engaged and motivated team, as well as the opportunity for a high degree of independence and personal responsibility.

Please do visit us frequently for the latest updates. We welcome your views and feedback.

Best regards,
Tomy John
CEO & Managing Director